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by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

Uncle Bob Fly-In.
Have I got a deal for you!

25 February 2018

I just got my pilot’s license. That means I can fly! So now I want to fly – to you! I want to fly to anyone within a 500 nautical mile radius of Chicago (see map below), to give talks, conduct workshops, and provide training…

At Half Price!

500 nautical miles includes cities like:

Ann Arbor Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus
Detroit Duluth Fort Wayne Grand Rapids
Green Bay Indianapolis Kansas City Lincoln
Louisville Madison Milwaukee Minneapolis
Nashville Omaha Pittsburgh Rochester
Rockford Sioux City Sioux Falls Springfield, IL
Springfield, Mo St. Louis Toledo Toronto

Why half price? Well, because, there are some things you’ll have to be flexible with.

  • The Date. Flying an airplane is weather dependent. I might have to call you up the night before, or the morning of, and reschedule. Sorry, I’m not flying through thunder storms to get to you. No. Not going to happen. Deal with it!

  • The Duration. One of my goals is to be home every night. I love my wife! I love my family! What can I say? I want to be home. So I can fly out in the morning, and fly back in the evening. An overnight stay is possible if you really want it; but we’d have to talk about the price. [Grin].

Local airports are usually pretty friendly places. Many have meeting rooms. So if you host a user group you might want to consider contacting a local airport to see if you can bring 10, or 20, or 30 people in. I’ll fly there. We can have a day long workshop.

Or, if your company would like to have me for a day (or maybe two [grin]) I could fly out and conduct a course, or a lecture, or a keynote, or…

Well, the sky’s the limit! [Big Smile].

Perhaps you are wondering why I’d want to do this. Well, first of all, flying is a hoot! I enjoy the hell out of it.

But secondly, I live smack in the middle of fly-over country. This, it seems to me, is an area of the country that is badly underserved by speakers like me. There are lots of programmers inside that circle who never see authors, or speakers, or industry experts. I’d like to do my part to change that.

So whaddya say? Send an email to my diligent and delightful assistant (and Daughter) Angela Brooks (, and start the conversation.

Let’s have a fly in!